Strategic Research Partners LLC is a team of experts that evaluates evidence demonstrating the validity, clinical utility, and cost-effectiveness of novel diagnostic tests and pharmaceutical products. We assist our clients by identifying gaps in the evidence supporting use of their products, and execute creative, cost-effective studies using existing data sources to answer unaddressed clinical questions.

When payers evaluate novel products to establish reimbursement policies, they turn to clinicians in the field to garner opinion about that product’s utility. However, teams developing such products from the manufacturer’s end often lack the perspective of physicians and other providers who would be incorporating their product into their clinical practice. The result is frustration on both sides, as neither can understand the other’s language. Our team of experts in clinical medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics and health economics walk the bridge between the rigor of academics and the realities of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries’ marketplace. We can help you understand your payers’ feedback and produce compelling, evidence-based responses to critiques.



Clinical Validity


Clinical Utility


Cost Effectiveness